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Certified in RI and MA

Water Analysis?

It is always best to start with a water test. This will provide you with a better understanding of what impurities are in your water and the measure of those impurities. It would be un-wise to design a water system without a water test. For well water we recommend using an independent lab. RI Analytical is certified in RI and MA and is an excellent choice. We offer their tests at wholesale, our cost. For municipal water, your town or city water department can help you. Many towns and cities have their water test results on-line. In either case, we can help.


Contact us @ 401 413-4925 or clearcleanwater@watertechri.com.

Common aesthetic problems in New England are:

  • Iron - Red Stains
  • Manganese - Brown Stains
  • Low pH - Green stains
  • Hardness - Yellowish stains


Testing for bacteria periodically is a good idea. The test is relatively inexpensive. As a courtesy, WaterTech offers the test to all our customers annually at wholesale (currently $30.00).