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Lions fire Matt Millen, Detroit to riot for joy?

Remember the end of Return of the Jedi when all of the creatures across the galaxy celebrated the destruction of the Emperor and the collapse of the Empire? That’s what it looks like in Detroit right now, except instead of Ewoks there are meth addicts missing limbs and instead of fireworks there’s actual gun fire.

An official with the Detroit Lions has confirmed that president Matt Millen has been fired as team president today.

There’s no way anyone outside of Detroit could comprehend the joy that Detroiters are feeling right now. Sure, Detroit is the most dangerous city to live in in all of America, but none of that matters now.Matt Millen is gone.

They could raise Hitler from the dead and give him the job and it wouldn’t matter.

Matt Millen is gone.

Fernando Bryant likely to retire

A final decision hasn’t been reached yet, but Lions cornerback Fernando Bryant will likely retire, ending his nine-year career. Bryant, who ended his previous three seasons on the injured reserve list, refused to go on IR this year although he was certainly a candidate.

Bryant, who is just 170 pounds, has been one of the toughest players on the Lions roster recently. He suffered a severe ankle injury against the Cardinals, but was back in the lineup the following week. Bryant was so banged up that he couldn’t play an entire game the rest of the season and had to be rotated in and out of the lineup often.

Poor Fernando. Three seasons pouring your heart and soul and effort into one of the worst teams in NFL history. It’s a wonder the whole team doesn’t retire and eat antidepressants for breakfast.