OJ Mayo banned from the NBA

OJ Mayo has been banned from the NBA for violating the league anti-drug policy. He is eligible for reinstatement in 2 years.

The NBA’s press release reads:

The NBA announced today that free agent O.J. Mayo has been dismissed and disqualified from the league for violating the terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program.

Under the Anti-Drug Program, Mayo is eligible to apply for reinstatement in two years.

The NBA, NBA teams, and the Players Association are prohibited from publicly disclosing information regarding the testing or treatment of any NBA player under the Anti-Drug Program, other than to announce a player’s suspension or dismissal from the league.

He received a 10 game suspension in 2011 after testing positive for PEDs, which he blamed on energy drinks. From Deadspin:

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF), the NBA is not allowed to “publicly disclose the particular Prohibited Substance involved” in a disqualification if it involves a “Drug of Abuse or marijuana,” but must do so is a player is disqualified, “for conduct involving a SPED.” Considering the NBA didn’t name a SPED (Steroids, Performance–Enhancing Drugs), nor did Mayo receive a second suspension for SPEDs as the CBA mandates, he was presumably banned for a “Drug of Abuse.”

The NBA defines Drugs of Abuse as:

NBA List of Drugs of Abuse

Mayo is 28 and played the last 3 seasons with the Bucks. He suffered a fractured ankle in March of 2016 and missed the rest of the season.

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