Elway Rebuilding The Broncos after Manning’s Departure

The Denver Broncos have had a difficult few months, which explains their less than favorable NFL odds. Sure, they garnered an impressive victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. But that particular victory was almost immediately offset by all the uncertainty that they encountered during the offseason.

Peyton Manning didn’t make things especially easy. With his future remaining largely unknown for so long, Manning choosing to play his cards very close to his chest, the Broncos probably weren’t happy to learn that he had chosen to retire.

The revelation shouldn’t have been as earth-shattering as it was reported. After all, the Broncos had Brock Osweiler, Manning’s heir apparent who should have slipped into Manning’s position with fervor and excitement.

Except Osweiler wasn’t nearly as interested in stepping into Manning’s shoes as some people presumed; in fact, the player chose to leave the Broncos, instead finding a place with the Houston Texans. Considering the amount of money they threw at him, though, no one can really blame him.

Osweiler’s departure didn’t improve the fortunes of the Broncos one bit. The Super Bowl champions were suddenly bereft of notable alternatives. They couldn’t very well trust their future to Trevor Siemian. Sure, Trevor is hardly the worst player out there; but his record isn’t especially impressive, what with having no NFL pass attempts to speak of.

John Elway should be commended for keeping his cool during these times of crisis and uncertainty, taking steps to immediately move past Manning’s absence and find some fruitful alternatives, one of which took the form of Paxton Lynch. Elway wasted no time securing Lynch, clearly hoping that the quarterback would produce on the level that he expects.

Some people are not sold on Elway’s decision to place so many expectations on Mark Sanchez’s shoulders Certainly, Sanchez has his charms. For one thing, he is no Sam Bradford. You won’t find him whining about his position with the Broncos.

Sanchez knows that he is a placeholder and he accepts it. It was no mean feat getting Sanchez from the Eagles. If anything, the 7th round pick that Elway gave up for Sanchez in next Spring’s draft was a bargain.

Now, admittedly, not many people will rise to the defense of Sanchez’s position on the team. However, it could be argued that some people are a little too quick to judge him. These are the same people that heap praise on Manning’s shoulders, not taking into account the fact that his stats make him out to be one of the worst quarterbacks of 2015.

Sanchez, on the other hand, is quite the decent player, boasting a 74.3 career passer rating. And it isn’t like he will be playing alone. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders will be watching his back, their combo more than making up for Sanchez’s failings.

So long as he minimizes turnovers, there is no reason to worry about Sanchez’s performance in the coming season. The 29-year-old still has a lot to offer. And with Lynch in toe, Elway is making every effort to present a strong and united front.

The Broncos are definitely ready to improve upon their impressive 2015 performance.

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