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Serial rapist Darren Sharper facing life in prison

Darren Sharper is facing life in prison following multiple rape charges.

He was arrested on two counts of rape in Los Angeles in January. Then in March he was indicted on two counts of sexual assault and three counts of “administering dangerous drugs” in Arizona.

He has been in prison since February after turning himself in following a warrant for his arrest in New Orleans.

He is accused of raping 9 women in 5 different states.

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Brady Quinn is a little bitter about Tim Tebow

In an article run by GQ giving “An Oral History of Tebow Time” via interviews with teammates and other football personalities, fellow Broncos QB Brady Quinn gave a few quotes that seemed a little bitter about Tebow’s leapfrogging of Quinn in the depth chart and his sucess, which Quinn attributed to “luck”.

McGahee is a Raven getting his eyes pecked out for a change

The Baltimore Ravens accused certain Cleveland players of intentionally gouging the eyes of tailback Willis McGahee on two occasions in last Sunday’s 28-10 victory against the Browns.

The Ravens reported the incidents by sending tapes to the league office earlier this week.

“We talked to the league,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said during his weekly news conference Wednesday. “We asked them for their opinion on what happened, and we’re waiting to hear back on it.”

Mom was right – you keep playing rough, and someone eventually gets their eyes poked out. Hopefully he has a good eye doctor, and hopefully he’s in Miami…we can’t imagine the women in Baltimore are any better than the ones in Buffalo.

Lions fire Matt Millen, Detroit to riot for joy?

Remember the end of Return of the Jedi when all of the creatures across the galaxy celebrated the destruction of the Emperor and the collapse of the Empire? That’s what it looks like in Detroit right now, except instead of Ewoks there are meth addicts missing limbs and instead of fireworks there’s actual gun fire.

An official with the Detroit Lions has confirmed that president Matt Millen has been fired as team president today.

There’s no way anyone outside of Detroit could comprehend the joy that Detroiters are feeling right now. Sure, Detroit is the most dangerous city to live in in all of America, but none of that matters now.Matt Millen is gone.

They could raise Hitler from the dead and give him the job and it wouldn’t matter.

Matt Millen is gone.

Al Harris having a spleen-ded season

The agent for Al Harris told several media outlets in Wisconsin on Monday that the Green Bay Packers cornerback suffered a torn spleen in Sunday night’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys and is likely out for the rest of the season.

Let it be known that Al Harris is hard core. How does a body part that – as far as most scientists are concerned doesn’t do anything – tear?