OJ Mayo

OJ Mayo banned from the NBA

OJ Mayo has been banned from the NBA for violating the league anti-drug policy. He is eligible for reinstatement in 2 years.

John Elway

Elway Rebuilding The Broncos after Manning’s Departure

The Denver Broncos have had a difficult few months, which explains their less than favorable NFL odds. Sure, they garnered an impressive victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. But that particular victory was almost immediately offset by all the uncertainty that they encountered during the offseason.

Breshad Perriman

ACL Injury Won’t Keep Breshad Perriman Away from 2016 Season

The 2016 NFL Draft is closed. At the moment, all that the teams, players, and their fans can do is to wait. There are still quite a few months to go before the 2016 season starts and there are so many events that could unfold during that time. NFL odds are still in flux regarding the expected failures and successes of the coming season.


Johnny Manziel’s Domestic Scandal and Media Involvement

In the modern-day world of professional sports, the lives of various celebrities usually turn into shocking news when some of their domestic issues catch up with them to bring about social concerns. Even as online NFL odds fluctuate to reflect the true nature and strength of different teams, critics tend to forget about the transgressions faced by professional players, such as Johnny Manziel. Instead of supporting him emotionally, people start laughing past their offences, which often fuels the inferred validation of their wrongdoings even before trial.

NFL & Marijuana

Is the NFL All Wrong with Regard to its Ban on Marijuana?

The NFL, like most employers in the United States, is against the use of marijuana by its employees. Since the use of recreational marijuana has been legalized in numerous states, marijuana advocates are wondering why the drug is still banned by the NFL. Since marijuana is not considered a performance enhancing drug and its use is not going to affect NFL betting picks, there is no point in the NFL not allowing its players to use it, especially if it helps with the healing process.