Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose accused of drugging and raping ex-girlfriend

Derrick Rose is being sued by a woman who claims the NBA superstar and two of his friends drugged and gang raped her.

Darryl Dawkins

Former NBA star Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins dead at age 58

Darryl Dawkins, known for his thunderous dunks and flamboyant nickname, has died. The Lehigh County Coroner’s Office confirmed that Dawkins died today. Following his professional playing career, Dawkins made his home in the Lehigh Valley. His family released a statement Thursday afternoon, indicating the former NBA great died of a heart attack.

Darren Sharper

Serial rapist Darren Sharper facing life in prison

Darren Sharper is facing life in prison following multiple rape charges.

He was arrested on two counts of rape in Los Angeles in January. Then in March he was indicted on two counts of sexual assault and three counts of “administering dangerous drugs” in Arizona.

He has been in prison since February after turning himself in following a warrant for his arrest in New Orleans.

He is accused of raping 9 women in 5 different states.

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Tyreek Hill

Oklahoma State dismisses running back Tyreek Hill following domestic abuse arrest

(Now former) Oklahoma State running back Tyreek Hill has been dismissed from the program after he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. He is accused of striking his girlfriend in the face and stomach and choking her. She was hospitalized for her injuries. Hill was also dismissed from the track team.

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Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Tanking: The Sixers Are A Disgrace

A few months ago, NBA owners voted against NBA Draft lottery reform, which would have made the odds of acquiring a top pick more even across the 13 non-playoff teams. The idea was to remove the incentive for teams to “tank” in order to have the league’s worst record, and therefore best chance at a #1 draft pick. The reform was expected to pass, but in voting it down, the owners established that tanking will go on for at least another season and that the Philadelphia 76ers’ much-publicized experiment in blatant and shameless self-sabotage will continue.